Haunted House on Main St

A spectacular Halloween themed show!

Upon arrival...Tune your car radio to 89.9 fm to listen to the show!

Rewatch our 2023 Halloween Show!

The Show:

Thank you for supporting our 2023 Halloween Seasonal Show on Main St in Hometown, IL 60456

This bone-chilling projection mapping show was created in partnership with Just Name It Productions + Iluminación Herrera.

The amazing animations transformed this classic hometown house into hauntingly beautiful scenes. 

Show Schedule:

Our Halloween show will run from September 25th – October 31st, 2023

The show is about 15 minutes long and runs every 30 minutes

(7pm/7:30/8/8:30/9/9:30/10pm & 10:30/11pm on weekends)

Monday-Thursday, Sunday:  7pm – 10pm

Friday-Saturday: 7pm – 11pm

*Our show is created for all ages, but please note that after the “trick or treat” kids’ jingle song, some show elements could be scary for children.*

Address and Parking Instructions:

Main St. Manor is located at

8907 S. Main Street, Hometown, IL 60456

To listen to the show, please tune your car radio to 89.9 FM.

We kindly ask that you please be respectful of our neighbors and others. Please park your car safely and legally, without blocking others’ driveways or the roadway.

Due to local regulations and quiet hours, we may not have a loudspeaker playing the show.

Support Your Community...Donate if You Can!

2023 marked the first year we put on this exceptional show, and we’re grateful for the support provided by Just Name It Productions and Iluminación Herrera, who helped us meet all our technological requirements.

We encourage you to still support and donate to Hometown Murray Auxiliary 9773 which supports veterans programs – click here to donate via paypal.


Interested in creating your own show?

Interested in learning more about creating your own show or purchasing the technology to do so?

Click here to request a quote from Just Name It Productions and Iluminación Herrera

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Happy Halloween!